I BOUGHT A MCLAREN 765LT!!! Ft. Surprising Gina With Her First Corvette!

6 Tet 2020
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  • The McLaren sounds shit!

    Jarno SaarinenJarno Saarinen11 orë më parë
  • get the mchicken

    Alex WhiteAlex White18 orë më parë
  • Watching this makes me think of that famous line in "Gone in 60 Seconds". "There's too many self-Indulgent wieners in this city with too much bloody money!" .

    *** Ray of Sunshine ****** Ray of Sunshine ***Ditë më parë
  • Branding package is the stitching on the headrests.Check out Heather Ballantine on ALworld she sells them in Canada. I find her very knowledge.

    Matthew BryniarskiMatthew Bryniarski2 ditë më parë
  • what a nice ride what a nice grill..

    Coco AccomCoco Accom2 ditë më parë
  • 720 is 100% the fastest car I’ve been in. In Seattle area you can rent one for 1500-2000$ a day at zadart exotic rentals. So sick

    Jack AnthonyJack Anthony2 ditë më parë
  • Isn't the C6 door lock a customized setting?

    J BettisJ Bettis2 ditë më parë
  • ehhhh it’s just a give away just say it

    can't think of a namecan't think of a name3 ditë më parë
  • Loving those wheels on the urus 😍😍

    Mike FahyMike Fahy3 ditë më parë
  • Congrats dude!

    AKC 96AKC 964 ditë më parë
  • In the garage again with other people’s car.

    G YG Y4 ditë më parë
  • New wheels look incredible

    BIKE MIBBYBIKE MIBBY4 ditë më parë
  • Where did u get the carbon steering wheel?

    Zach KridlerZach Kridler5 ditë më parë
  • I’d take your girlfriend over all of your cars

    BMW 330CI Work in progressBMW 330CI Work in progress5 ditë më parë
  • Awesome vid bro! Don’t give it away!!! 😎

    David BrownDavid Brown6 ditë më parë
  • Just a corvette, nothing crazy. This guy clearly makes quite a bit of cash, and lives a notch above standard.

    MG RogueMG Rogue6 ditë më parë
  • Mike... your hair. What are you doing buddy

    Trey MorrisTrey Morris6 ditë më parë
  • I woulda took the cash for sure

    Periko GlopezPeriko Glopez6 ditë më parë
  • You know you made it when you buy your girl her own Corvette for the sole purpose of allowing her to beat up the transmission to learn stick-shift.

    World-Renowned GangsterWorld-Renowned Gangster6 ditë më parë
  • the design is inspired from the MCL35, McLaren's 2020 F1 car

    Dope SoldierDope Soldier6 ditë më parë
  • C5ZO6 is a sweet ride!!!!

    Justin CallawayJustin Callaway6 ditë më parë
  • Just saying... I’m waiting for the giveaway of 765LT or for him to not even get it

    DatSaltyGamerDatSaltyGamer6 ditë më parë
  • Congrats! I bet my 765LT is cheaper than yours, I got 2 options... :)

    DragTimesDragTimes6 ditë më parë
    • Maybe u should race

      Skull SHXD0WSkull SHXD0W3 ditë më parë
  • What happened to the c8

    Sean MackaySean Mackay6 ditë më parë
  • Can you please buy me a 14’ Mustang GT automatic? Please and thank you.

    Tre ._2xTre ._2x6 ditë më parë
  • Rumor abt the 765lt, the 600lt is better because the 765 has been developed in COVID where mclaren was short on staff

    RamluroRamluro6 ditë më parë
  • Hey man the Cobalt has a Corvette steering wheel not the other way around

    Kimble ThompsonKimble Thompson6 ditë më parë
  • Do super car content

    dawson rileydawson riley7 ditë më parë
  • This is the best car you’ve bought 🤝

    A TA T7 ditë më parë
  • I’m very disappointed that you didn’t get a roof scoop 😭🙄it takes away so much from the car

    Max MendizabalMax Mendizabal8 ditë më parë
  • Get it and give me a ride

    Xavier RadlerXavier Radler8 ditë më parë
  • More like buying the most unreliable car ever 😂😂 lambo for the win. Might be slower but sounds better, looks better, doesnt loose value, most of all it doesnt catch on fire

    Thomas BThomas B8 ditë më parë
  • Million dollars for a 720s? Suuuuuure!🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Greg ScottGreg Scott8 ditë më parë
  • Wigga. Damn.

    Mikhaw LogginsMikhaw Loggins8 ditë më parë
  • You hated McLaren and said you were done?! They must have really convinced you!! I knew it!!

    C.J. TregC.J. Treg8 ditë më parë
  • I would die for Pig!!!!!

    jonathan christensenjonathan christensen8 ditë më parë
  • 720S can't touch it for under a million bucks. Has this guy ever heard of a 992 911 Porsche Turbo S?

    Chris CoxChris Cox8 ditë më parë
  • Why would you buy another one of those POSs!

    Mark's SnakepitMark's Snakepit8 ditë më parë
  • Buy after 1and a half year later and get it for 50% off

    KOPzKOPz8 ditë më parë
  • That VR6 though

    Stansil CalisteStansil Caliste8 ditë më parë
  • Speaking of depreciation 🤣🤣🤣

    manaf.kabmanaf.kab8 ditë më parë
  • The 765lt is a unreal car, between that and the 2021 AMG GT Black series, it is a hard decision

    DiMe TiMeDiMe TiMe9 ditë më parë
  • I personally didn’t like the senna seats very much they are very very tight and hard to get into but I would still get them because they look so cool

    Chandler BuchananChandler Buchanan9 ditë më parë
  • That McLaren shits on every corvette ever, even the stupid ass C8s

    Michael ClarkMichael Clark9 ditë më parë
  • Why does this man always giveaway the best car he owns, like don’t get my wrong the vettes are great but get some variety in the garage brother.

    Andrew GardinerAndrew Gardiner9 ditë më parë
  • Never seen anyone else talk about the 765lt until daily driven exotics had it on their channel and talked about buying one, now he has one

    Logan LinnemannLogan Linnemann9 ditë më parë
  • Soooo, i hated ginas brother always being on ur channel. For some unknown reason i now miss him lol. Can u give us an update of ginas brother (sorry i cant even think of his name but remember rfracing....i think.

    Todd mTodd m9 ditë më parë
  • the 765 will be gone in a month with the excuse of, i didn't like it, or its a give awy. just keep this mike. keep it

    Patrick LearyPatrick Leary9 ditë më parë

    keith worthamkeith wortham9 ditë më parë
  • I kinda want you to keep that lambo

    poppingt4gspoppingt4gs9 ditë më parë
  • bruh find you a covid-19 barber lol just messing love the episode

    JamesJames9 ditë më parë
  • Tuned and down pipes 765 lt vs lmr Zr1.What a race to watch at a theater near you.

    camiroczcamirocz9 ditë më parë
  • When is the diesel swap gonna happen on the blazer?

    Backfire ProductionsBackfire Productions9 ditë më parë
  • Keep the car this time instead of getting another Corvette please

    Douglas WhitneyDouglas Whitney9 ditë më parë
  • Let me guest the 765lt will be a give away car or you gonna sell it after month or so

    PIAS WORPLD RellosaPIAS WORPLD Rellosa9 ditë më parë
  • This channel is always full of B.S. when it comes to what he really owns and what is being used to promote the show. The cheap ZR1 and cheap lambo Gallardo I do believe.

    Sean KingstonSean Kingston9 ditë më parë
    • These videos usually have a lot of players involved behind the scene and it’s hard to know what’s real, who owns what or how much of it is just pure BS.

      B BB B8 ditë më parë
  • Yes the McLaren is bacK!!! Remember when you had the 570s and ofc the Corvette with siccor doors!

    Oliver G.MOliver G.M9 ditë më parë
  • Wow! The uras looks so much meaner. Sick

    Joseph MundyJoseph Mundy9 ditë më parë
  • Hey you are good the most pos ALworld guy ever!! If you want to run fast run on the track

    Racingb67 RaceRacingb67 Race9 ditë më parë
  • Did she go to BU? I was raised and currently live in Bloom. Pretty rad seeing her wear that!

    FatFit2RippedFatFit2Ripped9 ditë më parë
  • I can't forgive you for being a chevy guy but i can forgive you forgetting the 765lt.

    Error 404Error 4049 ditë më parë
  • “Just a little c5 nothing crazy” Me: sad Subaru Outback noises

    - ManillaZilla- ManillaZilla9 ditë më parë
    • @- ManillaZilla fair enough, but its worth a shot to check on prices. They're not technically considered "sports cars" unless you get a z06. Mine is insured as a grand touring car and insurance isn't as bad as you'd expect. Still expensive, but again, might be worth a look

      Brandon severBrandon sever5 ditë më parë
    • @Brandon sever I’m in high school. Insurance will kill me

      - ManillaZilla- ManillaZilla5 ditë më parë
    • My c5 was cheaper than most Subaru outbacks made in the last 10 years lol

      Brandon severBrandon sever8 ditë më parë
  • Can you put the lambo center caps in the new wheels?

    Jake DiBurroJake DiBurro9 ditë më parë
  • those new urus wheels are terrible

    100th Problem100th Problem9 ditë më parë
  • So excited for some Mclaren content!!!

    17Brandon Andrews17Brandon Andrews9 ditë më parë
  • Get married already

    BigTyminBigTymin9 ditë më parë
  • Excellent footage on the 765LT dupe you got everything nice 🔥🙌🏾

    Extreme_Exotic_whips !Extreme_Exotic_whips !9 ditë më parë
  • Get the 765lt!

    Fedena MotorsportsFedena Motorsports9 ditë më parë
  • 👍👋👋👋😁

    James WeaverJames Weaver9 ditë më parë
  • You gotta give away a Duramax Hummer H1 after you give away the Lamborghini Gallardo

    Omar ZowilaOmar Zowila10 ditë më parë
  • I live next to that dealership I go there all the time!

    Joey SundoJoey Sundo10 ditë më parë
  • Hey mike I know there's something going on with the corrado bit if you willing to sell it let me know....love this channel 😎

    Carlos ZayasCarlos Zayas10 ditë më parë
  • Holy smokes, your chick is smoking hot!!!!

    johnw91498johnw9149810 ditë më parë
  • Never again with the dang Mclarens

    Novux GibbonNovux Gibbon10 ditë më parë
  • C5 is the next giveaway

    RHDP productionsRHDP productions10 ditë më parë
  • ROOF SCOOP, get it for resale. Knowing you it will be gone in under a year, a roof scoop will make it worth a little bit more

    Braiden F.Braiden F.10 ditë më parë

    jalen davenportjalen davenport10 ditë më parë
  • i see the corrado made a return

    Joshua HutzleyJoshua Hutzley10 ditë më parë
  • Another mcdogshit? Meh.

    Thomas WrightThomas Wright10 ditë më parë
  • You legally need the Mclaren

    BitelyBitely10 ditë më parë
  • This is the negative comment about the urus

    Lucki TvLucki Tv10 ditë më parë
  • Haha svj has the fastest lap time for production cars around the Nurburgring ... think it’s safe to say that Lamborghini knows how to get around a track. Performante wasn’t too shabby either ;)

    epr1epr110 ditë më parë
  • You need to get a polaris slingshot

    Kyle ServiceKyle Service10 ditë më parë
  • GIVE AWAY THAT C5 AFTERWARDS!! I miss the obtainable giveaway cars. I can’t afford to win a Lamborghini Gallardo lol.

    Automotive ApprenticeAutomotive Apprentice10 ditë më parë
  • what is the scratch stuff you use on your cars to touch up

  • Silver C5 Giveaway car!

    Fast_GT500&Nova_SSFast_GT500&Nova_SS11 ditë më parë
  • i bought a set of vorsteiner vff-112 for my Mercedes and what a difference 1 inch makes on the front and back.

    Mitch AlbyMitch Alby11 ditë më parë
  • Cars' videos on YT by now are a competition between who is richer and who shows better than others how much money he has.

    byfolkobyfolko11 ditë më parë
  • Mike what numbers do you think the 765LT can put down with full bolt on's and larger turbo's, maybe a stroker kit, built engine, etc? And are you planning to go full bolt on's and a tune for the 765LT or maybe go full bore built motor plus larger turbo's and methane injection etc.?

    John MuzicJohn Muzic11 ditë më parë
  • watch him make it a giveaway bc he’s way too generous

    Cameron McClendonCameron McClendon11 ditë më parë
  • You have a perfectly good Corado sitting over there that is a manual... Would be a great car to learn on.

    scottcol23scottcol2311 ditë më parë
  • Didn't you have 4 mclarens. The 570, the green 720 that blew an oil line after the turbo upgrade. Then a dark green/grey 720? Then the 600lt ... Of was it just one 720? I can't remember..lol

    scottcol23scottcol2311 ditë më parë
  • Can't touch a 720 for less than a million dollars? You can get them slightly used for $250k. I think he might be thinking of the Senna.

    Victor AlleyVictor Alley11 ditë më parë
  • can you just keep one of your cool cars and not give it away

    Logan PerryLogan Perry11 ditë më parë
  • And you can add a little power to the C5 as she gets more experienced

    Richard TisdaleRichard Tisdale11 ditë më parë
  • That corrado , 🤤❤️

    roberto juarezroberto juarez11 ditë më parë
  • WOULD the 765LT have any of the same issues the 720 has for you?

    RK Harm24RK Harm2411 ditë më parë
  • You gotta put a arero kit for the lam truck that will kill the look of the lam truck with the new wheels..

    quan Baldwinquan Baldwin11 ditë më parë
  • Hey so did someone win the last blue C8 Vet? I've been waiting for a phone call lol

    PaxTVPaxTV11 ditë më parë
  • Mike buy an old corvette and fix it up. Something different but still a corvette. No one really cares about mclarens

    Gerald McbrideGerald Mcbride11 ditë më parë