Took My C8 in for it's First Oil Change... Put a Deposit on a New Ford!!!

3 Pri 2020
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MY HELLCAT GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Every $5 spent on is worth 2 entries! To WIN My 2016 Hellcat!

  • Mike is single-handedly keeping Whitmoyer afloat during this pandemic 😂😂

    thecarelectronicguythecarelectronicguy6 muaj më parë
    • 1 KILL3R POLARIS truth is treason in an empire of lies !

      GG6 muaj më parë
    • It’s true I work in a dealership we went from like 20 solds a week to like maybe 5

      Nicholas LienNicholas Lien6 muaj më parë
    • this is the best comment i have ever seen 😂😂😂

      Adam HmaidanAdam Hmaidan6 muaj më parë
    • @G Truth fears no scrutiny! Lies get people killed! George Orwell once said "during times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act! Together we stand, divide we fall! We failed our four fathers and the one and true GOD who gave us unalienable individuality liberties!

      1 KILL3R POLARIS1 KILL3R POLARIS6 muaj më parë
    • 1 KILL3R POLARIS shhhh you’ll get banned by the overlords !

      GG6 muaj më parë
  • Bronco will do good for the channel.Thought you booking the Ford GT.Get one!Seem loaded nuff!

    RawdyriderRawdyrider5 muaj më parë
  • I seen the Ford Bronco in the movie with The Rock what's the name of the movie I forgot the name of the weeds with the oversized gorilla wolf and alligator I forgot the name of the movie that for Broncos shirt looks nice

    Armando RosalesArmando Rosales5 muaj më parë
  • That would be a good video

    Calvin CederborgCalvin Cederborg5 muaj më parë
  • You should have your white Chevy Corvette or a hellcat in a video

    Calvin CederborgCalvin Cederborg5 muaj më parë
  • Definitely excited for the bronco really excited to see how they brought it back

    edward kreidleredward kreidler6 muaj më parë
  • H1 GAW!!!!!!

    That Bearded VeteranThat Bearded Veteran6 muaj më parë
  • Canadian border is like an hour away from Pennsylvania

    CkA47 CKA47CkA47 CKA476 muaj më parë

    Kendall HuntKendall Hunt6 muaj më parë
  • I'm totally in love with the hell cat.

    MurphyMurphy6 muaj më parë
    • I also in Harrisburg. Recognize the roads.

      MurphyMurphy6 muaj më parë
  • It's going to be purple

    Aaron HaxhillariAaron Haxhillari6 muaj më parë
  • Sam excuse as a mclaren I don’t wanna my warrrranty we watch you because you take risks we can’t.... everyone can do what your doing but not everyone can get a 15k lift kit

    clint Millerclint Miller6 muaj më parë
  • Dude becomes more like vehicle virgins everyday

    clint Millerclint Miller6 muaj më parë
  • A broncoo?? I almost thought you were going to get the mach e mustang

    MrSkyguy43MrSkyguy436 muaj më parë
  • i want your corrodo

    Peyton GreenPeyton Green6 muaj më parë
  • And who gets the first bronco🤷🏽

    Tony HightowerTony Hightower6 muaj më parë
  • How long is your your waranty good for ?

    Ricky bobbyRicky bobby6 muaj më parë
  • you and Cleetus need to do corvette things together!

    Shmully DesignsShmully Designs6 muaj më parë
  • Hellcat is probably getting wrapped in a two tone mirror color lol 😂.

    RockdagroundRockdaground6 muaj më parë
  • I plan on getting a bronco as well

    ToyBox Car ClubToyBox Car Club6 muaj më parë
  • Mike, It's a Ford 10 Speed "Allison-Branded" transmission...

    Boise RobBoise Rob6 muaj më parë
  • For the boder patrol car: are you anywhere near an airport or a port?

    Landon de la MareLandon de la Mare6 muaj më parë
    • Not even close lol, nearest airport is like 20 miles away

      Street Speed 717Street Speed 7176 muaj më parë
  • There's no way u can wrap that car purple with the red interior.

    Indy3%erIndy3%er6 muaj më parë
  • Plum Krazy Purple!

    will stovallwill stovall6 muaj më parë
  • This video has so much YES in it

    Ben StayskalBen Stayskal6 muaj më parë
  • Rob Spaghetti is a snakeing Wesel I hope he never sees any negative comments towards him so he doesn’t have fuel for his ego

    Chevy Lover75Chevy Lover756 muaj më parë
  • What’s with all the yogurt stains on the couch???????

    rockhardson66rockhardson666 muaj më parë
  • Ford Bronco. Not the OJ edition but the Corona virus special edition is on its way.

    Jonathan PabonJonathan Pabon6 muaj më parë
  • Wait and get the New electric GMC Hummer 1,000 HP

    Bobby SolorioBobby Solorio6 muaj më parë
  • Aww man I'm really hoping they didn't do a purple-ish wrap. Would be such a shame to rip all of InShane's Design's hard work after winning it ;).

    Arkady VestelArkady Vestel6 muaj më parë
  • Actually Lake Erie is in Pennsylvania therefore you have nexus with the BoOoOrRDuUrR

    ShawnShawn6 muaj më parë
  • Only whining that's acceptable is drone a super charger!! Wait your GETTIN RID OF THE HELL KITTY 😔

    ThatguywithnopancreasThatguywithnopancreas6 muaj më parë
  • So much for getting a chance on the Hellcat. If its purple, I'm out. Love Stradman and he can love his purple all he wants. Not me though. Yes, I can remove the wrap but seems really wrong to do before I even drive it. lol

    Randy PhillipsRandy Phillips6 muaj më parë
  • Plum crazy purple. Keep it OG mopar

    Drake GrossmanDrake Grossman6 muaj më parë
  • HEY MIKE! Your new C8 Corvette has a few secrets that you should try! see that Button unlock button? Hold it down on your remote. windows go down. Hey Mike, see you engine cover? push it up! it goes up for servicing.... did you know it?

    Dan CharronDan Charron6 muaj më parë
  • I really cant wait to see the bronco i am definitely getting one myself as well i cant wait!!!

    FordFanatics518FordFanatics5186 muaj më parë
  • Mike u created a monster, she's faster than you now. lmao

    Mikel EllsaesserMikel Ellsaesser6 muaj më parë
  • I’m glad your giving the hellcat away cause I want it, but I’ll be sad it won’t be on the channel

    Jacob MoserJacob Moser6 muaj më parë
  • If you install the bds lift before your warranty is up you will void the warranty even though it's a 6inch some new chevy are an exception since some come factory with a lift.

    eaglesenior44eaglesenior446 muaj më parë
  • YES!!! Bronco!!

    Brandon DawsonBrandon Dawson6 muaj më parë
  • Over charging isn't the right thing to do on any car. I'm probably going to take a trip to buy my truck from you guys.

    Jordan ScheurerJordan Scheurer6 muaj më parë
  • I would love to see a bronco!

    Jo CJo C6 muaj më parë
  • Border patrol looking for those hoodlums racing in Mexico all the time! 😂

    sureshotchevysureshotchevy6 muaj më parë
  • Hellcat doing 90 on the highway. Lambo Urus flying by like he's not even moving! Now that's my kinda woman!

    Boosted And BaggedBoosted And Bagged6 muaj më parë
  • Views are down nobody cares about the c7 everyone has one

    Jesse JamesJesse James6 muaj më parë
  • When mike says the hellcat isn’t a performance car lol

    Matthew McClainMatthew McClain6 muaj më parë
  • No camo. Good. :)

    Mickey RamirezMickey Ramirez6 muaj më parë
  • I have a 91 ford bronco that was my great grandparents that's now mine it needs TLC but I'm broke

    Alex McMahanAlex McMahan6 muaj më parë
  • Where do u get the antlers for the bulldogs??

    brandon hopewellbrandon hopewell6 muaj më parë
  • owns 20 exotic cars, huge house and is worried about a drive shaft lol

    R DawgR Dawg6 muaj më parë
  • Border patrols probably trying to find that "Secret Mexican Freeway" your always on lol

    Mauricio DiazMauricio Diaz6 muaj më parë
  • Alright man super pumped for the BRONCO!!!!

  • Mike2020: “this hellcat feels like a Rolls-Royce” Me: too much quarantine time

    ELITE RACER45ELITE RACER456 muaj më parë
  • “I want the lift to fly under the radar” then gets a 6in lift😂

    Austin ConwayAustin Conway6 muaj më parë
  • Honest Chevy dealer!

    Mark's SnakepitMark's Snakepit6 muaj më parë
  • Are you in Lancaster or Harrisburg?

    Scott RichardsScott Richards6 muaj më parë
  • In the meantime you should get the kelderman powder coated 👍

    T LeybaT Leyba6 muaj më parë
  • It's a view play, liar

    JoeShmoeJoeShmoe6 muaj më parë
    • Or, you wouldn't have said it

      JoeShmoeJoeShmoe6 muaj më parë
  • Dislikes from the ford haters

    Toxic MisfitsToxic Misfits6 muaj më parë
  • Why would you lift it when it’s already high ass hell.

    Flying BobFlying Bob6 muaj më parë
  • Cool!

    Jc AndersonJc Anderson6 muaj më parë
  • That blue C8 w red interior was cool

    Donald Bubba McFarland JrDonald Bubba McFarland Jr6 muaj më parë
  • Border patrol is there for airports.

    Jesus De La CruzJesus De La Cruz6 muaj më parë
  • Plumb crazy purple?

    Ryan LambertRyan Lambert6 muaj më parë
  • Mike, with all of your success, I hope you're saving your money for the Tesla Roadster. Don't get caught with your pants down.

    davidhunternycdavidhunternyc6 muaj më parë
  • Dont wrap it purple. Wrap it to match the red and black theme.

    Dave McmastersDave Mcmasters6 muaj më parë
  • I had to buy a coat anyway so I better win lol. I love that car

    mike pmike p6 muaj më parë
  • Tremors is a great movie!

    Star BuckStar Buck6 muaj më parë
  • Purple chrome is my guess.

    Justin GrafJustin Graf6 muaj më parë
  • Isn't the warranty like 2 years long

    Brian GonzalezBrian Gonzalez6 muaj më parë
  • Happy about the Bronco, excited to see that!

    Jordan's OutdoorsJordan's Outdoors6 muaj më parë
  • Do the real lift. Be your own warranty. It's only money.

    Justin GrafJustin Graf6 muaj më parë
  • Robs channel and content are both garbage...just saying. What a roadshow that guy

    Jerad AdamsJerad Adams6 muaj më parë
  • Hmm buy some more vehicles..

    DirtyMaxx 2011DirtyMaxx 20116 muaj më parë
  • Thanks for keeping me entertained through this whole covid19 crap.

    Redline RehabRedline Rehab6 muaj më parë
  • It’s getting done in purple

    TheRcGuy ExpertTheRcGuy Expert6 muaj më parë
  • Beaver you are the best . Thanks for selling the C8 for sticker.

    Tony StuartTony Stuart6 muaj më parë
  • A wise move the truck should not be molested!

    Jeffrey BourqueJeffrey Bourque6 muaj më parë
  • I'm probably late to the party by congrats on surpassing 1M subscribers Mike! I'll be here for 2M!!

    Johnny CageJohnny Cage6 muaj më parë
  • Not going to lie kinda disappointed not to see the Kelderman lift going on the truck. Was really looking forward to seeing the best of the best lifts being put on and the process it takes to get it on .

    Tristan BarlowTristan Barlow6 muaj më parë
  • Imagine getting a call that you have a free hellcat waiting for you 😂😂

    Jaden TJaden T6 muaj më parë
  • Do a tiger king wrap on the Hell Cat with, “F*** you Carol Baskin” on the hood.

    theodoreross36theodoreross366 muaj më parë
  • Well, Trumptard..., Mexico isn't the only country which borders the US. Crazy fact. YOUR HOME STATE has a border with Canada. Did you know, FACTUALLY, more people are illegally entering the border through Canada while Trump is in office?! Yeah, actual facts. As stated by the Mexican cartell who help smuggle people in, "Business is good!" They are flying from Mexico to Canada and walking in! Daddy Trump doesn't like to talk about those things though 🤣🤣 So, good job for being a moron 3x's in your video! 1) not knowing your HOME STATE has an international border 2) being a small minded moron 3) not staying at home! 6ft seperation is the gov't compromise to enacting a forced lockdown, which is illegal. Dummies like you apparently cannot read between the lines...

    dickiebilldickiebill6 muaj më parë
  • Ill watch for the bronco but i watch all your vids at this point anyhow

    My 89ScottsdaleMy 89Scottsdale6 muaj më parë
  • Good decision on not doing invasive lift.

    Jordan ShoultesJordan Shoultes6 muaj më parë
  • I’m assuming Mike wakes up with his sunglasses on

    Angel690Angel6906 muaj më parë
  • What happened to the black C8? Is it gone?

    Chase TellezChase Tellez6 muaj më parë
  • Yeah right you'll buy a car even if there was a monsoon !!! 😆😭😆😭😆

    JR BORIQUA7JR BORIQUA76 muaj më parë
  • He's finally getting a ford!

    Awesome AnimationsAwesome Animations6 muaj më parë
  • 16:24 16:53 they trying to find that "mexico" ya'll always going to.

    hoopah troopahhoopah troopah6 muaj më parë
  • I wish Mike's taste would evolve from boy racer bravado to mature elegance. Challenge: How about customizing a C8 that would stand on its own next to a LaFerrari? I know it can be done.

    davidhunternycdavidhunternyc6 muaj më parë
  • U should have got a charger not the challenger

    Yeesack FilmsYeesack Films6 muaj më parë
    • Ohh wait I just remembered ur giving the car away🤦🏾‍♂️

      Yeesack FilmsYeesack Films6 muaj më parë
  • Can beaver sell me a Raptor msrp not 20-30K over ?

    LegendaryPrince777LegendaryPrince7776 muaj më parë
  • I want to buy your corrado!

    StorvickSpecVStorvickSpecV6 muaj më parë
  • Bronco sounds like awesome new edition👍

    Pat MchughPat Mchugh6 muaj më parë
  • Y do u keep giving away cars that ppl want to see on the channel⁉️☹️

    Phoenixx DobsonPhoenixx Dobson6 muaj më parë
  • I really hope he doesnt buy a bronco

    The BruiserBroncoThe BruiserBronco6 muaj më parë
  • Your not the only one with a manual on ALworld Mike

    dcarroll221ifydcarroll221ify6 muaj më parë

    jonathan brandonjonathan brandon6 muaj më parë
  • Hey ordered my items about 2+ weeks ago are you not allowed to ship any of the stuff out do to this crap? Haven’t received my stuff and it says it was completed on March 18 but never shipped

    Legend EditsLegend Edits6 muaj më parë